Dear Fitness Entrepreneur,

My name is Sam Bakhtiar and I want to congratulate you to making it to my website. The fact that you somehow landed on this site tells me that you’re
looking for ways to improve your fitness business. This fact alone puts you ahead of 90% of other trainers out there.

I am blessed to have tremendous success in the fitness industry. There are two reasons for my success.

  1. Always striving to better myself in every aspect of my life and surround myself with people who are where I want to be.
  2. Hard work and dedication.

I live my life by:

” I don’t choose to be a common man. I want to be better tomorrow than today. And through a commitment to work and discipline, but mostly hard work. I’ll be a little more content, and a little different from the average guy”  – J. Robinson


I am not going to sit here and tell you that everything I have done was a success.

I have made MAJOR mistakes and have had a few huge setbacks.

As a matter of fact I am in the trenches just like you still learning new things with each passing day.

There is nothing wrong with making a mistake as long as we learn from them and that’s what I am here to share with you

These days….

  • I enjoy my life because I own businesses and not the other way around.
  • I work because I want to not because I have to.
  • I am blessed that I can provide a great life for my family.
  • I am very proud that my wife doesn’t have to work or stress about money.
  • I am also proud of the fact that my daughter doesn’t get dropped off at a daycare because mom and dad have to clock in.
  • I am very fortunate to own a beautiful 5100 square feet home in Corona California and another vacation home near Las Vegas.
  • I have purchased most of my dream including Ferrari’s, Mercedes AMG’s, BMW’s, Corvette’s, Porsche’s, etc… …

I am not saying this to impress you at all BUT I am saying this to impress upon you that I never thought that I could ever achieve this kind of
financial freedom. You see it’s not about money at ALL it’s about freedom. It’s about the ability to do what you want when you want and not have to
report to anybody or anyone.

But it wasn’t always like this. As a matter of fact it wasn’t too long ago that……..

I was a slave in my own business working 50-60 hours/week without a day off.

I had no systems in place and operated everyday by the seat of my pants

I was hating life and was getting totally burnt out from my business

If you want to achieve certain level of success then model people who have “been there and done what you want to do”.

Doing it saves you time and a lot of frustrations because someone else has already made the mistakes for you and can tell

you what works and what doesn’t work.

As simple as this may seem most trainers rather spend their money on material possessions than educating themselves.

Yet they are the first to complain about how low they are and how bad the economy is affecting them.

The choice has always been pretty clear for me.

The mastermind, phone coaching, tour, and business strategy meeting is not something that I would like to do on a huge scale. After all I still own my
personal training and boot camp facilities and they are my main source of income.

Helping someone multiply their income

gives me the same joy as helping a client lose a bunch of weight. It’s a very
rewarding experience.

Here’re Some Feedback We Got From The Last Mastermind…

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I am not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that there are a few spots remaining however I will tell you that my schedule does not allow more than
10-12 people per year (and that’s pushing it)

Don’t even think about enrolling in this coaching program if you’re not willing to put in 100% effort. I can’t stand talkers. Don’t be like the
client that talks about losing weight but can’t seem to ever stick to the program. You know exactly what I am talking about.

Once you register using the two options below you’ll get an email from my office with all the details like what airport to fly into, what hotel to stay
at, and the entire itinerary for the weekend.

Dr. Saman Bakhtiar